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In 1987, the BBC Scotland TV series “High Spirits” for the first time aired a humanist wedding on national TV.

The demand for humanist wedding has been growing since then and in 2005 HSS won a legal battle and their ceremonies are now authorized by the Registrar General of Scotland.[21] Humanist wedding ceremonies are carried out in a variety of countries like the U.S., Canada and recently Brazil, having legal status in only a few of these countries.

Humanist celebrants are able to perform valid civil marriages and civil partnerships in the Republic of Ireland.

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Kate Nelson

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A same-sex wedding is a ceremony in which two people of the same sex are married. In the Muslim world, there are colorful, cultural variations from place to place.[19] Two male witnesses who are the members of family in most cases, are required for Nikah.

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Leo Green

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This event may be legally documented as a marriage or another legally recognized partnership such as a civil union. The religious part (if applicable) comes hours later, witnessed by close friends and relatives.

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